Why U.S. Gas Prices Are So Low

WHY ARE GAS PRICES so low….compared to Europe?

Gasoline costs roughly the same to make no matter where in the world it’s produced. The difference in retail costs, is that some governments subsidize gas while others tax it heavily.

In many oil producing nations, gas is absurdly cheap. In Venezuela it’s 12 cents a gallon. In Saudi Arabia it’s 45 cents 

The governments there forego the money from selling that oil on the open market – instead using the money to make their people happy and encourage their nations’ development.

Subsidies, many analysts say, are encouraging rampant demand in these …

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Why We Have A Debt Debacle

Here is why we have a debt crisis in this country:

Bi-Partisan Bail-out of Corporate America (Not Obama’s Fault.)

Funding two wars (Not Obama’s Fault.)

Massive drop in Revenue (Not Obama’s Fault)

Interest on Sovereign Debt (Not Obama’s Fault)

Payroll Tax Cuts (Thank you President Obama)

House Affordable Program (Thank you President Obama)

Unemployment Insurance Extension (Thank you President Obama)


The corporate tax rate today is 35%…..Under Reagan it was 34%

Federal Spending has Declined Under Obama

More people will have access to health Care than at any time in our history

When BUSH left office Millions had been …

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European Economies are Shakey RU Prepared?

Ominous clouds on the horizon. Europe is barely hanging on. Its two-year-old strategy of austerity isn’t working. And there is no Plan B. The latest evidence that government spending cuts are driving the euro-zone deeper into recession came Wednesday with a report on soaring unemployment in the zone’s weaker economies. 

As Europe goes, so goes the U.S. We are inexorably tied to their woes. Back in 2004 I began warning my mortgage clients that a catastrophe was on the way. Anyone in the market could see the looming bubble. I was telling people to either sell or consolidate their positions. I …

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Wells Embargo

I ran this piece in New York’s “And Magazine.” If it looks like a duck and squawks like a duck, and shits in the road like a duck, it’s a duck.

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Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles

Occupy Wall Street was in its eighth day when I visited last Saturday, October 8. The iconic city hall building was surrounded by a sea of tents as the drum circles, food banks, poster production and special interest groups were in full operation. Representatives of the ultra-conservative Lyndon LaRouche PAC had a table set up at the busy northwest corner of the square and seemed a bit out of place in a crowd of mostly anti-greed, anti Wall Street protestors. The vibe was mostly peaceful and appeared to be geared up for a long occupation. Portable …

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