Obama’s Brilliant Chess Move on Immigration

As politics begin to get more partisan, more angry and in some cases dirty, President Obama’s recent stand on Immigration Amnesty for children of illegal parents was masterful. Case in point: Right Wing groups have been working tirelessly to change the voting rules in key battleground states like Florida and Ohio. Under the guise of “honest elections” and voter fraud rhetoric, they have tried to manipulate the vote by making it harder for certain key demographic segments like minorities, the elderly, handicapped, and out of state students to vote. Even in the face of scant evidence of voter fraud.

What Obama just did to these manipulators was take the steam out of Florida State Senator Mark Rubio’s own legislation on amnesty and turn it around on him. It forces Republicans including Mitt Romney to either agree with the new rules which they HATE to do, or face a solid backlash from Latino voters who wield a lot of power in key states like Florida. Partisan Politics? You bet your sweet bippy!

What Republican strategists might be gaining by disenfranchising certain voter groups, they are losing by voters who are solidly behind the idea of giving amnesty to long-term residents who were born of illegal immigrants

It’s painful to watch Mitt squirm over having to agree in principle with something that Obama has done, like with Universal Health Care. Romney KNOWS the importance of UHC and it’s been hilarious watching his supporters try to justify and explain Romney’s Massachusetts Health Care versus Obama Care. “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, crosses the road like a duck and shits like a duck…it’s a duck….or better put “Romney Care.”

It’s clear he agrees with Obama’s position on Amnesty for Long-Term resident children of Illegal Immigrants, in fact has stated his own support for Florida Republican Senator Mark Rubio’s own legislation that quacks the same.

On Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer, he avoided the question three times when Schieffer asked him if he’d repeal the Obama directive. Why — because he’s in a no win position: If he agrees, it’s another policy like Universal Health Care that he shares with Obama  on a major ideal. If he disagrees, he looks like a num-nutz to Latino voters.

Obama just moved his queen to rook-3 and called check! Romney better act quick or its gonna be a “mate.”


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