Author and writer K.W. (Kelly) Bowlin

Author and writer K.W. (Kelly) Bowlin

Hello friend, thanks for visiting. This is my writing blog. I spend a lot time here. It’s a collection of just about everything I write from my Short Stories to News, Op-Eds and Essays (listed under Articles) to announcements, to a new section titled “How to Walk Away.” This is a sample of chapters from my new non-fiction book titled “How to Walk Away From Your Mortgage, Marriage, Business, and just about anything else that’s ruining your life.”

Stroll around, click on some banner ads, print a thing or two. The reading is free. I’d also encourage you to consider my new book “Living and Dying in Shorts.” You can purchase the paperback by clicking on the Barnes & Noble button that appears in the upper-right sidebar of the site. I’d appreciate your help. If the price tag of $15.95 is too heavy (I get it) write me below and I’ll see if I can send you a book cheaper from my personal stash.

When writers say they just write for themselves, I consider it nonsense. We writers write because we want other people to read what we’ve written. We’re insecure when people don’t. So please read and give me feedback using my contact form. I appreciate you visiting. Thanks and tell a friend!

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