Why We Have A Debt Debacle

Here is why we have a debt crisis in this country:

Bi-Partisan Bail-out of Corporate America (Not Obama’s Fault.)

Funding two wars (Not Obama’s Fault.)

Massive drop in Revenue (Not Obama’s Fault)

Interest on Sovereign Debt (Not Obama’s Fault)

Payroll Tax Cuts (Thank you President Obama)

House Affordable Program (Thank you President Obama)

Unemployment Insurance Extension (Thank you President Obama)


The corporate tax rate today is 35%…..Under Reagan it was 34%

Federal Spending has Declined Under Obama

More people will have access to health Care than at any time in our history

When BUSH left office Millions had been laid off and the Stock Market lost nearly have its value.

Obama’s Transportation Bill will add 1.9 MILLION NEW JOBS in a huge boon to construction firms and general contractors

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K.W. Bowlin

Southern California native. Passion for history, particularly big, ugly battles. Loves all stringed instruments. Never hit a good 2-iron in his life. Writes like a fiend. Married to his best friend, high school sweetheart and crack photographer Mary, and has four fantastic, grown kids and a Lhasa Apso puppy named Coby.

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