Living and Dying in Shorts

About the Book

Living and Dying in Shorts is a collection of 24 tales that provide a look into the unique, inescapable, and irreducible features of being human.

From amateurs patrolling the border in the bleak Arizona desert (Borderline Minutemen,) to a dank cell in a Mexican prison (The Raindrops of Quintana Roo,) to a wealthy man living off the grid who wakes to an unthinkable horror (Two Blinks,) or historical events that define mob mentality (The Mob.)

Other highlights include a struggling musician who makes a desperate search for his daughter who’s been kidnapped in Africa (Cash Epiphany,) or a man who makes a unimaginable decision after he crash-lands with his family in the Denali Wilderness (A Fathers Manna,) or a writer who struggles with drug addiction (The Writers Edge), or a struggling father who must deal with his own anger and depression while his son makes a fortune selling pot (Eades Hogue.)

Some stories are humorous, as in Shout Out at the O.K. Corral, where historians argue over the authenticity of minor factual details, or Tijuana Codeine, where a CPA makes his first clandestine drug purchase, or Surviving the Christmas Bacchanalia, that finds a once prosperous couple learning to appreciate the simpler things in life.

Living and Dying in Shorts reminds us that life is worth living because someday, we all end up flat-lined, at room temperature.

Copyright © 2013 K.W. Bowlin
ISBN 978-1-62646-308-0
240 pages


About the Author
12086032-kw-bowlinKelly Bowlin has over 500 articles, op-eds, and essays, published in a variety of sites including Road and Travel, The Digital Journal, L.A. Examiner, AND Magazine, eHow, and The Comic Bible. His first novel, “The Mosquito Sting” (Barnes & Noble and Smashwords) was published in 2012.


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K.W. Bowlin

Southern California native. Passion for history, particularly big, ugly battles. Loves all stringed instruments. Never hit a good 2-iron in his life. Writes like a fiend. Married to his best friend, high school sweetheart and crack photographer Mary, and has four fantastic, grown kids and a Lhasa Apso puppy named Coby.

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