Paul Krugman is a Genius!

Paul Krugman is a really smart economist. He bodes well for us leftist, liberal, 99-percenter, Occupying Wall Street, Tree Hugging, Socialistic low-life’s. Republicans and spokes models for CNBC don’t have a monopoly on what’s good for our American Economy, in fact they’re so far up corporate America’s right wing ass, they’ll need goggles to look up if corporate America continues to sit much longer on its bale of bailouts. 

Paul Krugman tells us THIS IS NO TIME FOR TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS. It doesn’t work. Money given to the top will not “trickle-down” in some mythical fountain of prosperity. It’s more like a trickle-out from a leaking toilet. Case in point: You give a guy like Mitt Romney a $10 million dollar tax incentive, it’s not trickling anywhere but an offshore bank account that’s earning tax-free income to Mr. Romney. Trickle where? Not here! Certainly not OUR banks…Mr. Patriot Mitt.

Jobs?…No, Employment?..No, Prosperity?…Yes, to a tiny island in the Caribbean. What’s wrong with this picture? I think it’s a theory called Wealth Utilization Management, but then again that just sounds good. It works like this: as mentioned above, give a guy like Romney $10 Million and it’s going to a padded vault in Zurich. No trickle-down and no benefit to our economy. The same holds true for big incentives to multi-national’s like Haliburton. Their balance sheets are overflowing cash. They’re no dummies. They know the worlds on a cliff facing west with a strong wind coming from the east. They’re hoarding cash, Trickle-Down my ass!

On the other hand, give the same $10 Million to 10,000 families in the middle and lower income class, and that moneys going back into the economy in the form of guns, butter, and widget purchases faster than you can say “Trickle-Up.”

Does Trickle-Up mean government handouts? Hell the Fuck No! It’s called a Transportation Bill that would put up to 1.9 Million people to work fixing our crumbling infrastructure, you know… roads, bridges, and Highways. Right here, right now! Think construction firms, and general contractors, and heavy machinery manufacturers, and service vendors and motels and restaurants who all will benefit. Trickle-the-Fuck-Up!

Paul Krugman puts it in much more succinctly. Of course he writes for the New York Times and is a guest on Meet the Press. He’s has to be couth. I don’t. America, needs to get past its fading shrine to Ronald Reagan, and it’s voodoo economic realities and start looking up. Call it an Economic paradigm shift or call it a fucking chicken that crosses the road that quacks like duck. We need trickle-up incentives to get this country out of the hole we fell into back yonder in 2008, when “W” was around and BO was still just a twinkle in America’s eye.

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