First Novel: The Mosquito Sting is out!

Three years later and 94,000 words strong “The Mosquito Sting” is now available on most internet distribution sites including Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Apple.

The Digital Journal says: The Mosquito Sting is the debut novel of K.W. Bowlin and is an exciting read in the vain of James Lee Burke or Lee Child.

Read a review of The Mosquito Sting on Digital Journal.

Purchase and download The Mosquito Sting by K.W. Bowlin (ebook format) at Smashwords

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K.W. Bowlin

Southern California native. Passion for history, particularly big, ugly battles. Loves all stringed instruments. Never hit a good 2-iron in his life. Writes like a fiend. Married to his best friend, high school sweetheart and crack photographer Mary, and has four fantastic, grown kids and a Lhasa Apso puppy named Coby.

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