Breitbart and Friends Miss the Point Again

repost-us-image-6893747 claims that the West Coast longshoreman union is leaving the AFL-CIO, which is true, but claim that Obamacare and immigration reform are important reasons which exaggerates wildly.

In Tijuana with your gente


You should just park at the border and walk to the big revolving metal door that welcomes you to Mexico. There’s never a wait to get into Tijuana, just bored Mexican border officials occasionally asking people to press a button. If it’s green you can pass, if it’s red they search your stuff.

On leaving Berkeley


I wonder how long it will take for the Rockies to feel like home and if I will replace memories of golden poppies with the Rocky Mountain columbine or if California will always be on the tip of my tongue, looking over my shoulder for the “nuclear-free zone” signs, the blue seams of the Pacific, and the people dancing on the rim of the world.