The group moved in a determined silence. Going back was not an option. They had sold everything to make this journey. Once connected in Tucson, they would find good work and rent a small place and the children would go to school and they would eat like kings.

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The Christian

The Christian lived the battle before he saw it, in murky revelation, but mostly in tales from short timers — the single digit midgets and lifers who liked to play with a grunt’s head.

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Why U.S. Gas Prices Are So Low

WHY ARE GAS PRICES so low….compared to Europe?

Gasoline costs roughly the same to make no matter where in the world it’s produced. The difference in retail costs, is that some governments subsidize gas while others tax it heavily.

In many oil producing nations, gas is absurdly cheap. In Venezuela it’s 12 cents a gallon. In Saudi Arabia it’s 45 cents 

The governments there forego the money from selling that oil on the open market – instead using the money to make their people happy and encourage their nations’ development.

Subsidies, many analysts say, are encouraging rampant demand in these …

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The Monsters

This is an excerpt from my new novel “The Monsters” which is a sequel to “The Mosquito Sting.” This follows Cash Carrillo and a bunch of eccentric good guys who have waged war against the Cartels.

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