Party Bong Infomercial Script

(Read Quickly)

Yes Stoners, The days of rolling, tearing, air-filled, two paper spliffs are over, because the makers at “Hey Dude Head Shops” have created the 2011 Custom Glass-Blown, eight hose, locking-bowl, party bong. Yes, Partyers, the Red Dragon Octopus allows you to smoke more goo with half the hassle. Gone are the days of hand carving an apple or rolling those embarrassing fatties that burn to a roach with the first big hit.

It’s simple to use, first fill the reservoir with cheap red wine, then fill the patent pending, porcelain bowl with your favorite shit.
Light the …

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Dialogue Cali-West Sit Com

Medical Marijuana
“Medical Marijuana,” are you fucking out of your mind. They’ve already got survellience on three roof tops. “Hey Angela, 2 o’clock…flash that guy some nipplage.”
“I mean we start dealing Purple Kush and the whole town’s gonna go postal.”
“It’s perfectly legal, moron, we just set up a co-op, apply for a license and start making brownies.”
Anyway, who gives a fuck what they think?….That a girl… Angela, now give that guy at 11 o’clock some 36-DD mammary glands.
“You’re out of control.”
“Listen freak, my braw in West LA buys somethin …

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