Kelly’s second book “Living and Dying in Shorts” has been published by Booklocker Ltd with distribution through Ingram International (Barnes & Noble, Borders, Apple, & Amazon.) A four-state promotional tour is being set for June 2013 covering major cities in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

The book is a collection of 24 Short Stories that talk about Life and Death, Humanity and Inhumanity, Family Drama, Love, Loyalty, Faith, Redemption and Tragedy. First-Edition Softcover versions are available at most bookstores for $15.95 and down-loadable, online versions are available for $5.95.

Bowlin also plans on releasing two more books within the next six months, both completed…the first, a historical fictional novel about two young boys in Kentucky in the summer of 1945 as WWII is winding down “Them Green Hills” and the second, a non-fiction title called “How to Walk Away from your Mortgage, Marriage, Religion, and just about anything else that’s ruining your life.”

Bowlin is represented by the Alison Picard Agency.

See the press release at PRLog. You may purchase the book in paperback at