Attn: Mitt Romney, More Drilling is NOT the Answer

Mr. Romney. Increased drilling now is not the answer. Wow, wonder whose pocket you’re in. Note to drilling proponents…Ever checked the spot price of oil on the world market? Think it’s gonna be less if the U.S. drills more? Is Chevron gonna sell to just the U.S.?? If they do, they’re stupid. Foreign markets like China and India will pay top dollar and continue to drive up prices. Gas is LOW in our country. Ever checked Europe? England is $8.50 a gallon. Will we assert eminent domain on domestic production? Don’t think so. (You can’t drill out of the problem Mr. Romney.) Is it about jobs? Sorry oil lobby, there’s better plans on the table; they just don’t involve your interests.

Mitt Romney is weak, and is easily lead by the ultra-conservative string pullers. The U.S. could quadruple production and all it would create is a bunch more potential BP’s and an ever so slight ripple in the world supply. Like a grain of sand dropped into a swimming pool. His recent energy proposal is self-serving, ignorant, and bad for the environment and reeks of special interest back slapping. Is THIS the platform the president will run on? Sad that a country has sunk so low to such a beholden few with nothing more than dollar signs in their eyes.

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K.W. Bowlin

Southern California native. Passion for history, particularly big, ugly battles. Loves all stringed instruments. Never hit a good 2-iron in his life. Writes like a fiend. Married to his best friend, high school sweetheart and crack photographer Mary, and has four fantastic, grown kids and a Lhasa Apso puppy named Coby.

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